Terms & Conditions


At  greenenergyinvt.com we understand that it can be hard for customers to envision what their renderings will look like the first time.  To accommodate this we welcome you to take your time and review the first rendering we send you. Feel free to mark it up with any changes you’d like to see and provide feedback for a re-render.  Try to include as much detail as possible in your markups so that the 2nd rendering we send you is perfect!

This first change is included in the price.  After that, further changes will require extra charges on a case by case basis depending on what each customer requires.  The reason we need to charge for further changes is because it is starts to become very inefficient from a render-setup stand point to go back and forth multiple times.  Sometimes just the rendering of the image can take 10+ hours!  In other words, if a customer only wants to change one small thing in their scene, the rendering time is still the same.  This is why it is very important that you send us as much information as possible from the get go.